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New Nana Hostels
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New Nana Hostels

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This house has 1 bedroom, and 1 bathroom. It is located 1 mile from campus. Up to 1 students could share this place.
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Joey says:
Nana Hostels is a mixed ladies and gents hostel located at Makerere Kagugube near LDC, and along Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road. It accommodates a high population of clients from various countries of the world most of whom are from universities of Makerere, Nakawa and the working class.

Apart from accommodation, Nana hostels also offers other facilities like the shopping arcade which provides a Unique and Memorable shopping experience. It comprises of but is not limited to the Restaurant, Video Library, Secretarial bureau, Salons, Supermarket, Boutique, Bar, Pool joint, Gym, Laundry and Cleaning shop, Pharmacy, Internet cafe’, Confectionary shop, networking shops, telephone booths, offices and many more.

All the rooms at Nana Hostels are self contained with Dstv and Intercom Land lines, not forgetting the spacious balconies. It also provides Central cooking areas with gas cooking gadgets.

Providing a novice-friendly environment, Nana Hostels is staffed by knowledgeable employees focused on serving the customer's needs, providing excellent customer care to all our Clients, ensuring security of our clients and safety of their property, and above all creating a home away from home environment with a clean and fresh ambiance for our clients


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